Why Buy a Maltese from us?

  1. Predictable Traits and Temperament: When you buy a puppy from Pure Maltese World, you can be assured of the dog’s traits, such as size, coat type, and temperament. We own the parents which ensures predictability in terms of your pups appearance and behavior. This can be especially important for individuals or families who have specific needs or preferences, such as allergies or lifestyle considerations.
  2. Health and Medical Records: When you purchase a Maltese puppy from us, you can expect to receive documentation that outlines the puppy’s medical history, including vaccination and deworming. This can help ensure that your new puppy is in good health and is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. If a pup is found to have a life-threatening defect, then we will work with the buyer to correct the situation. This is all outlined in our health guarantee. Furthermore, we will also provide you with guidance on how to maintain your puppy’s health and wellness throughout its life.
  3. Support and Resources: Pure Maltese World will offer support and guidance throughout the life of your puppy. You can expect us to be available to answer any questions you may have about the puppy’s care, behavior, or training. Additionally, we will often provide resources and tools to help you with training and socializing your new puppy.
  4. Socialization and Early Training: Puppies from us are raised in a home environment, where they are exposed to different sights, sounds, and experiences from a young age. This helps to socialize them and prepare them for life in a human household. Additionally, we often start basic training with the puppies, such as housebreaking and basic potty training, which can make the transition to your home much smoother.
  5. Finding a Perfect Match: When you work with Pure Maltese World, you can often discuss your lifestyle and preferences, and we can help you find a puppy that is a good match for your needs. For example, if you have young children or other pets, we can help you find a puppy that is well-suited to living with them. This can help ensure a happy and harmonious household for everyone involved.

Purchasing a Maltese puppy from us can offer many benefits, including predictability, health and medical records, support and resources, socialization and early training, and finding the perfect match for your family.

Marvellous Maltese World

About the breed

The Maltese is a small breed of dog that originated in the Mediterranean island of Malta. They are known for their silky white coat, which is long and straight, and their friendly and lively personality.

Maltese dogs typically weigh between 4 and 7 pounds and stand at around 8-10 inches tall. They are classified as a toy breed, and are often kept as companion pets due to their affectionate and loyal nature.

In terms of temperament, Maltese dogs are generally playful, intelligent, and energetic. They are highly adaptable and can be comfortable in a range of living situations, from small apartments to larger homes with yards. However, they do require regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

In terms of grooming, the Maltese coat requires regular attention to maintain its soft and shiny appearance. This includes brushing and combing daily, as well as regular trips to a professional groomer.

Overall, the Maltese is a popular and beloved breed known for its cute looks and loving personality, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a small, affectionate companion.

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What people are saying

You are never alone. We will be your lifelong assistant with your puppy and will be available for advice if needed. We care deeply for all dogs that go on to their forever homes and request that the buyer call or email her if needed.


Lulu's Family

She’s that perfect that I already want another. Honestly. I don’t even want to say it out loud how perfect she is. She is an absolute joy. She has the sweetest personality too. Loves everyone. Independent and so loving too. 


Lily's Family

Hi!! Merry Christmas! She is doing fabulous! My brother and family left today but she had fun with the entire family. She’s super loving and playful. But glad the kids have experience with our parents’ Malteses because they know how to play with her. She whimpered the first night but now she doesn’t. I think she’s comfy now. And she’s still doing well going on the pee pad.


DewDrop's Family

He’s so playful!!! He’s just so perfect!!!  I can’t possibly thank you enough. I adore him and you for creating such a perfect gift. He is sleeping in my neck right now. I feel so blessed. ❤️ Every girl in the vet hospital came to see him. They all knew my little Dewey. They are sure Dewey dropped him down from Heaven into your sweet care so he could find his way to me..❤️

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