Irene R

My mom and I have been breeding dogs since 2008. We started with our beautiful Luna(Maltese) and had a total of 4 pups. We only bred Luna once and stopped breeding until we moved into our new home. We then started breeding American Eskimos in 2014. The American Eskimos were larger in size and are a wonderful breed all around. They are super protective and make great guard dogs. We stopped breeding Eskimos because the fur got everywhere in our home and went back to breeding maltese in 2016. We just love the breed and love that they are hypoallergenic. This change happened shortly after my oldest son had an allergy to dogs. We are experienced breeders and have faced many struggles throughout our breeding carriers. Breeding isnt easy and is unfortunately full of tragedies but it’s the greatest joy when we deliver our pups to their forever family. It’s always such an amazing feeling to see that excitement in their families eyes. We currently have a total of 4 Dams and one beautiful Sire that we breed between us. We have puppies every six to twelve months. Our Dams have 4-5 litters before they retire the program. We only breed maltese at this time. All of our breeding adult dogs have great temperaments and are well trained.